Are you Fat from inside or on outside?

How to know what is causing to be overweight or having fat in the body

Are you Fat from inside or on outside?

None of us like having a pot belly or a beer-belly because it makes us look so unflattering. What many of us do not know is that it also increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

What causes this Beer belly? In our body there are 2 types of fats

–        The fat under our skin

–        The fat which surrounds our inner organs.

 The fat surrounding our organs is called ‘Visceral fat’. It collects around our mid-section i.e our tummy, where most of our internal organs are situated. Since this fat is around your internal organs it is invisible to your naked eye hence it is also called  ‘Invisible fat’.Visceral Fat causes an ‘Apple shaped body’ also known as  ‘Central obesity’

Most of us today knowingly or unknowingly lead a more or less sedentary lifestyle which is highly demanding, late working hours, monotonous life patterns, sedentary scedules and not to forget everlasting stress.  They all add to it. Little do we realise that this affects are physical system.

If you eat too much compared to how much you exert in your daily routine, the excess food gets stored as fats in your body. Eating should be proportionate to the level of exertion in your day.

Now the important question to ask is what can we do to reduce visceral fats?

Healthy food habits are the first step. Cut down upon your greasy, fatty, fried foods. If we eat excess sweets, they are also converted to fats in our body so they should be restricted. Replace the foodstuff in your diet that increase your ‘bad’ cholesterol by those foodstuffs that increase your good cholesterol.

A high fiber diet ensures good digestion, makes you feel full although does not add too many calories to your diet.

 For loss of visceral fats more vigorous exercises are needed compared to the fat below your skin. Swimming, jogging, cycling or playing any sport of your choice regularly helps lose Visceral fat. Working out for 4-6 times a week for 20-30 minutes is advisable. ALWAYS consult your doctor if you have any heart disease or any other serious disorder before starting exercising. Increase the duration and level of exertion everyday you exercise.

 Other simple measures to have an active life are using your stairs instead of the lift. If you live close to your work-place, consider walking instead of driving to work. Small measures now would do wonders in the long run. Keep yourself away from Visceral Fat and Body conditions would stay away from you.

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