Survival of Small Businesses — Part 2 — Sales & Revenue Generation Ideas

Part 2 of the Survival of Small Business article series. Option 1 being to increasing Sales and Revenues.

Survival of Small Businesses — Part 2 — Sales & Revenue Generation Ideas

Continuing with my earlier Post 1 in the series.

Option 1 for Small Businesses — Selling more. Getting more money in…


Discretionary spending sectors will have a tougher time. Consumer durables, travel, entertainment, restaurants, etc.

FMCG and other smaller ticket expenses sectors will fare well. Essentials, FMCG, etc.

Any sector which takes away a chunk of cash from people’s pockets will have a tough time.

Sector which helps people ‘make money’ or ‘save money’ will thrive. Banking, Employment, Freelancing/Side hustles, Discretionary savings etc.

A lot of small businesses have been in the ICU for a long time. For the businesses themselves getting more money — Increasing Topline has to be the first priority. Other lower hanging fruits (costs savings) is a close second… more on those in the next post.

A few thoughts and ideas on possible scenarios/strategies for small businesses to grow sales and revenues. These come with an assumption that all businesses are willing to continue.

For B2B businesses

  • Acquiring Big ticket customers — larger distributors, agents, cash-&-carry customers etc.
  • Acquiring Industrial buyers / OEMs as customers — fraught with time and efforts dependency where they put you through a rigorous vendor evaluation processes
  • Supply to governments and government agencies (PSUs etc)
  • Disrupting existing distribution channel/s (risky but with proper planning and management doable). Provides a further benefit of reducing costs
  • Re-model businesses and disrupt… which can be done with minimal investments

For B2C businesses

  • Develop new products in allied fields
  • Develop new markets for existing and/or new products
  • New/er applications for existing products and developing markets for such application areas
  • New/revamped distribution channels

Strategic Options / Initiatives

  • Redefining credit terms with customers AND suppliers… creating win-win scenarios are the lowest hanging fruits
  • Re-fund the Working Capital (WC) gap through external borrowings
  • Scale down business. Take a breather. Scale up with renewed energy…
  • Realign to post-covid19 scenario… business model, revenue model, organisation, structures, operations, people, operational systems
  • Identify and form JVs and Alliances. Piggy Back each other…
  • Co-brand, Co-market, Barter supply chain
  • Aggressively avail whatever benefits government comes up with for the small businesses

Operational Initiatives

  • Revamping and/or Re-skilling Sales/BD teams
  • Repurposing Sales/BD teams and aligning them with a changed post-covid19 market scenario
  • Getting fresh blood (if current team is ineffective)

Rehash, Realign, and Reactivate every aspect of business to survive and grow in the post-covid19 scenario.

Will continue with Option 2 in the next post covering Cost Control.

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