Work Efficiency On Construction Site

A lot Of Miscommunication and Loss of precious time happens of construction sites due to not having proper communication protocol & self-planning strategies. This series will try & address those problems.

Work Efficiency On Construction Site

Hi!  I am Nimish Desai; I am a qualified Civil Engineer having experience of over 30 years in the Real Estate World.

During my journey in this world, along with some glorious moments; I have had to endure many unpleasant experiences also. There was no one to guide me at that time and there was no concept of Mentoring or Coaching very prevalent in those days. So, I stumbled and fell and got up to live and fight each day.

Today I am standing at a junction where I am proud to have built some amazing structures during my enlightening years of employment at Hiranandani Construction, various other developers, architects and while managing various projects as Project Management Consultant & as a Contractor.

I am a proud father of a son who will soon begin the same journey as a proud Civil Engineer, and I am on a journey to help everyone connected with the Real Estate world and seeking the help of someone who has successfully built a company. I have built not one but 4 companies from scratch, engaged in various aspects of the real estate world.

I have now decided to share with my fellow brothers and friends all the various flavoured experiences I have had during my journey and ensure they do not fall in the same pit.

Some of the biggest challenges we face today are;

  1. We fail to plan our daily schedule, something we do meticulously for our vendors and sub-contractors. Like we plan which activities they are supposed to do today but we do not plan what & when we are supposed to supervise those or related activities.
  2. We feel since we are in real estate world technology & systems do not play that important part. We have still not explored the possibilities of mobile apps for reporting, cloud storage etc to maximize our output for the same duration of time.
  3. Mind-set is still prevalent that of the 90s. many of us still engage staff with multiple responsibilities rather than a specialist for sensitive works.
  4. Ownership of the work. Lots of us just go to work and come back. Not many of us take ownership of the work allocated to us.
  5. Delegation of work. This is one of the biggest curses of our industry. We fail to delegate work and waste our time doing work that others could have done.

In the coming weeks, we will discuss in detail about them and few more to see what and how we can change to ensure that we not only improve ourselves but also help improve others around us for better work culture and environment.

One last thought before going “The only thing worse than not finding your genius is finding it and wasting it”.

The Author is a qualified civil engineer & has over 30 years of experience in Real Estate Industry, he is a businessman as well as Efficiency Enhancer Coach for Young Entrepreneurs in Real Estate World. Connect with him at, To know more about him visit @

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